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Student Letter:
Liahona Academy,
I just would like to say thank you so much for making me a better person and stronger than before… it is easy to say “no” to things now… I was able to tell those three people (old friends) that since they smoke, I won’t be hanging out with them any more because they can influence me and mess me up. Thank you so much for building up my work ethics, now my parents give me some chores, and it’s sooo easy and I do it right away.”
“My relationship with my family has changed. I do not argue anymore. If anything, I try to just listen to my parents. I eat at home now, sounds funny but in the past, I was never home to eat dinner. I also talk with my parents more now.”
“I told my friends that I went to a place that really cleaned me up and they were like, “did it work?” I told them that I was really glad I went there, a place that helped me save my life, that changed me, that showed me to care about my family more than ever. I love you guys’ man!!! And I mean it soooo much!”
“When my parents were thinking about sending me away I know they may have been sad. They may have felt sorry, they did not want to send me away. But they knew in their heart that if they did not do something to help me out, no one would. My parents had the assurance that my life was in good hands, and knew that you guys’ would shape their son into the man that they were looking for, for all those years.”
“It feels great to be strong. My mom’s proud of me, personally, the credit goes to you guys’.”
ALWAYS your student!!! ALWAYS a Liahona Boy!!!
Evan - from California

Parent Letter:
Dear Liahona,
“If it was change we wanted, it was sure change we got. The wonders of it all pass all reasonable expression.” “This is a person we have never known. Each of these past years we have lost more and more of Winston from 13, 14, 15, 16 – he had continued down a path we were oblivious of.”
“Now we were with a young man that we knew from a long ago past. One I might have dreamed of, but never knew could exist for me or my wife as a young adult. We cried a lot. Some silent tears, some open and warm. We kissed and hugged over and over for days.”
“Who could have thought it possible? We were fragmented and fully disconnected. We could no longer trust him or his actions or decisions while at home alone.”
“Today is hopeful beyond words. Our son is clear headed and clear eyed. There is no stopping his warmth or his love. He asks for no excuses only forgiveness. He wants only to achieve more, continue on his path, to not only be better now, but prepare himself for his life to come.” “His respect is genuine, his needs are real.” “We will be interwoven with you and our own emotions for years and years to come. My wife and I are so thrilled to be with the son we knew was lost and now is found.” “Thanks for all the love you’ve given and time you’ve spent with Winston. You are remembered every time that boy smiles. Thanks for the gift of your friendship and the gift of my son back to me. You have my lifelong love and respect.”
Father of Winston - from Florida

Video: A short introduction to our program.

Liahona Academy Staff:

Clayton AhQuin Jr.
Program Director

Travis Carney
Staff Supervisor

Brad Christiansen
Head Schoolmaster

Stephen C. Barrick

Brent Price

Clayton AhQuin Sr.
Activities Director

Mike Otufangavalu

Sue Reynolds
Office Manager


Colten Cox
Case Manager

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